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  1. Piazza del Duomo - Milan and coronavirus

    Life in Milan is at a standstill under tight restrictions to deal with Italy's coronavirus outbreak, which looms just outside the city's borders. But residents talk more about their concerns for the economy than their health.


    The director of the World Health Organization is urging countries to try to break the chain of transmission of the novel coronavirus, which has now infected more than 83,000 people.

  3. Mexico US Immigration

    A federal appeals court on Friday temporarily halted a Trump administration policy to make asylum seekers wait in Mexico while their cases wind through U.S. immigration courts.


    Russia on Friday said it was sending two warships armed with cruise missiles to waters off the Syrian coast and blamed Ankara for the deaths of 33 Turkish soldiers in Syria's Idlib region the previous day.

  5. Virus Outbreak California

    U.S. health officials have confirmed the second case of novel coronavirus in the United States believed to have been transmitted to a person who didn't travel internationally or come in close contact with anyone who had it.