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  1. Benjamin Netanyahu

    Instead of breaking the impasse, Israel's "do-over" election yesterday delivered almost a mirror image of the April contest, even as the final votes are being counted, writes Margaret Evans.


    The recent attack on Saudi oil facilities has cast a spotlight on increasingly used “kamikaze” or “suicide” drones. And the incident has brought into focus what one expert calls the “eminent” possibility of such devices one day being used to sow terror in major cities.

  3. FrontPageKidsMosquitoSucks

    Public health officials are urging people to guard against mosquito bites after more cases of a rare mosquito-borne virus, including two additional deaths in southwestern Michigan.

  4. 1167943729

    Novartis AG's Sandoz unit said Wednesday it was halting distribution of its versions of the ranitidine drug known as Zantac in all its markets, including the United States and Canada, after contaminants were found in the heartburn drug.

  5. Bermuda Hurricane Humberto

    Powerful winds from Hurricane Humberto began hitting Bermuda on Wednesday as the government urged people to stay off the streets during the British territory's close brush with the powerful Category 3 storm.