Abbey Quilting
Quality British made products for over 50 years
Soft furnishing
Soft furnishing
Whether for home or commercial use we can cover and recover virtually anything!
Pinsonic quilting
A rapid, efficient quilting machine that uses ultrasonic energy rather than conventional stitching techniques to join layers of thermoplastic materials
Wadding supplies
We supply premium wadding supplies to the trade and end users alike, contact us for further details
Quality Material
We always use quality materials and threads
Take a look at our machinery gallery
Customisable stitching
Bespoke stitching always available
Quilted Clothing
Quilted Clothing
Quilted Clothing sample
Mattress protectors
Specialists in the supply of Mattress protection
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the team


Welcome to Abbey Quilting

The Company has always realized the importance of keeping in touch with new technology which would improve the all round service for you the customer. Abbey Quilting is the only manufacturer of Quiltpoint ultrasonic stitchless quilting in the UK and also offers stitch quilting. Our lead in this field enables you to get the best in terms of choice and quality. .


Abbey Quilting Limited


Selinas Lane
Essex RM8 1ES
United Kingdom

Contact us

  • Managing Director Carmel Zammit +44 208 592 2233
  • Accounts / General Enquiries Vicky Egan +44 208 592 2233
  • Julie Howes - Customer SupportSales / General Enquiries Julie Howes +44 208 592 2233
  • pete fairweather Production Manager Pete Fairweather +44 208 592 2233


Abbey Quilting has been situated on its current site in east London since the 1950’s. The current owner Mr Carmel Zammit has been involved within the business for over 35 years and has amassed a wide range of knowledge within the Quilting Industry.


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